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The following exchanges between Roni Bell, Dan Maes and Ric, pertain to the following info from Judge Napolitano regards "income" tax and states.
Dan Maes is the only candidate for a public office (That I'm aware of.) who's made serious inquiry about an Equitable Consumption Tax.
A tip O the hat to you Dan!
From: Dan Maes
To: 'Roni Sylvester'
Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 8:21 AM
Subject: RE: Dan - info on Judge Napolitano
Interesting. If there is legitimacy to any of this then why has it not been successfully challenged and defeated? If it were truly that blatantly and illegally instituted I would think it would have been successfully overturned by now.
Dan Maes
Re-Energizing Colorado's Economy
Republican Candidate for Governor

Fear Dan. Plain and simple.
People are "afraid" to be bunch quitter enough (I.e. have the courage) to "challenge and defeat" income tax. Afraid of ridicule, dismissal, destruction and more. Besides, the alternatives have been weak, overly complex, still penalize retailers, and are presented by people whose presentations are shrill - radical - silly- and the transition not well thought through.
Dan, you know this from sales; two people can present the exact same product, yet people will more readily purchase from one - instead of the other...Why? Because of the "presentation."
Remember "income" tax exsists only because it is unfortunately: a) The main control mechanism of both parties. b) Like a dysfunctional is a "known." Regardless how ugly and bad it is, people stay with it because they perceive it's better than surging into the "unknown." c) Trial Lawyers of America. Largest, most powerful lobbying group with overwhelming D.C. presence.
The person - whether an incumbent or new candidate - who fleshes out the entire concept of Equitable Consumption (EC) Tax, and presents it in a clear, rational way - that shows voters exactly how they can "keep their paycheck" - and the many other positive benefits of not having "income" taxed, will win races.
They have to be bold enough to point out in a "non-partisan" layperson's language, why both parties are equally at fault for not executing said transition.
If Michael Steele and the Republican party structured the RNC platform around this, the Republican party would win races - and friends - across the nation.
But - they too have fears...(see the beforementioned).
Finding "good presenters" who will lead the charge...will be far more challenging then the actual "transitioning."
Ending income tax and transitioning in an EC tax is the salvation of America. an undeniable fact.
____________________________________________________ COMMENT:

This is an interesting history and educational piece for sure. Combine this with the push for an EC, it would be something to consider for building a powerpoint or video presentation to be shown and passed around. One of the things I've learned about trying to kill something in existence politically, is that you have to have something to offer in its place. You can't win an argument to stop something and replace it with a vacuum.......the EC would be the perfect replacement offer. (but then you have to deal with turning retailers into tax collectors for the state, which we already do with the sales tax collection) just my $0.02 on this. Ric
The software program at the cash register, would handle everything. The retailer would NEVER be put in the position of tax collector.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


"Nationalized Health Care -
Count Dracula in Disguise"
An Article and YouTube Video
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues
© Copyright August 12, 2009 - All Rights Reserved

The issue of Nationalized Obama Care (not national health care) has captured the nation again, as it did with Hillary Care in 1994, that cost the Democrats the loss of the House and the Senate to the Republicans. This over 1000-page, legal mumbo-jumbo monstrosity is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation ever proposed by any American government since the American Revolution. It will take over every aspect of our lives, remove any semblance of individual privacy and drive the price of health care and just about everything else, through the roof. Income taxes will be increased on everyone to pay for it and it won't be enough. Government, in order to manage our health care for us, will have access to our income tax records, our medical records and our employment records. All this information will be collected in giant government computer data bases and then dumped into lap tops that can be lost or stolen. None of our private information will be safe. Every single American will be just a social security number to these over-paid politicians and bureaucrats.

Our economy will suffer big time. Jobs will be lost in response to health-care penalties on small businesses. Small businesses will go out of business as nationalized health care picks winners and losers. Being "big" will get you an exemption, or outright favorable treatment.

But worse, it will be a trial lawyer's dream come true, as they "mine" the legislation for potential class- action lawsuits against individuals, doctors, medical-care professionals, hospitals, clinics, health-care agents and insurance companies, accompanied, of course, by exorbitant attorney's fees.

The American producer, again, in the name of irrational compassion, is being asked to pay for the non-producers, as if the non-producers have an absolute right to the earnings of the producers. That is pure socialism, if not Marxism and it is blatantly unconstitutional. Nationalized health care will pay the health care costs of over 12 million illegal aliens. In the end, government will be forced to ration health care for the elderly and the very young, because there will not be enough money in the treasury to pay for it all, no matter how much they raise taxes. Like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, Nationalized Health Care can be headed nowhere else but national bankruptcy.

This horrid piece of law, along with all the other pieces of new law this President and this Congress are shoving down our collective throats, will bury the country in debt, we will never be able to repay. America is already a huge credit risk. As the money runs out, rationing of health care will increase. As you reach an advanced age, you will be on the long list of those who will eventually receive care, just like all other socialized medicine models in other countries. Waiting times for health care will double or triple.

The decision-maker will be a bureaucrat, somewhere in the bowels of the federal government and they will be able to decide whether you live or die, not you or your doctor. The decision will be based on the medical condition of the individual, the cost of the health care for that medical condition, the individual's future contribution to society (by a government-set standard) and further, based on available funds. This, by any other name, is rationing.

Nationalized health care, along with Cap and Trade legislation and all the other socialist and radical environmental legislation the Obama Administration and the U. S. Congress are passing AGAINST the American people, will eventually break the back of our economy and we will enter a phase of hyper inflation. Seniors on fixed incomes will find their money buys less and less. Many will go hungry and starve. Government will respond to the "hunger" emergency by raising taxes and taking more control. Deep recessions or even depressions will be with us until America collapses. In short, what Obama, Pelosi and Reid are doing to America will take the U. S. Constitution and dump it in a deep hole in the ground, they will pour dirt over it and bury it, once and for all ..... if we let them.

All sane Americans must rise up against this destruction of our freedom and liberty and they had better rise up very quickly, or none of us will recognize an America that was based on the foundation of individual freedom, as a gift from our creator, that no man or a government should have the power to put asunder, but did anyway.

In response to this government-instituted injustice, we have produced a YouTube video entitled: "Nationalized Health Care - Count Dracula in Disguise". You can view the video at:

Friday, August 7, 2009


By Ron Ewart
President -National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues
© Copyright August 7, 2009 - All Rights Reserved

When propaganda, hype, distortions and lies don't work, there is always desperation and desperation is flowing out of the White House and Capitol Hill like raw sewage gushing out of a broken sewer main. Are they running scared? You bet they are because their unconstitutional, in-your-face antics have awakened a "sleeping giant" and the "giant" grows increasing restless by the day. A cattle stampede has more direction than these idiots in Washington DC.
Many have said that Obama is an intellectual genius, but his foreign and domestic decisions in the last six months tell a much different story. What sane person in their right mind, would try to shove a Century's worth of socialist crap down the throats of a slowly awakening American electorate, in six months mind you ..... an electorate that is being jerked awake by the jerk in the White House and by the in-bred, dim bulb traitors that occupy the Capitol building? The word bright or intellectual genius, doesn't come to mind with any of them. However, sophomoric, inexperienced, infantile, hypocritical, lunatics and fascism are more fitting metaphors for this cabal of out-of-touch, arrogant, non-representatives of the people ..... with a few exceptions of course.
But now they have gone and done it. The genie is out of the bottle and those who thought everything was under their control, are having a cat fit. How dare Americans get angry about nationalizing health care, banks and businesses, irrational cap and trade legislation, the non-sense that is man-caused global warming, amnesty for illegal aliens, edging towards the one-world-order and the unprecedented take over by the federal government of the public education system and the food, land, water and energy production in the United States. How ungrateful are these Americans who would complain about how their hard-earned tax money was and is being spent. These unruly upstarts must be quelled and crushed at all costs and by any means, says the liberals in power.
Americans weren't supposed to be that smart. After all, hasn't government been dumbing down the American people for a hundred years? But talk about mis-reading the tea leaves. Obama, Pelosi and Reid have stirred up a hornets nest and in desperation they are resorting to name calling and tattle tailing to stem the tide. It isn't going to work. Americans are slow to rile, but when they do, nothing will stop them until their appetite for their perception of justice has been satisfied. What a glorious sight it is to behold. Americans have a spine after all. Too bad they are about a half a century too late in their disgust of rising government tyranny.
This whole sanctimonious belly aching by those in power and the government-owned media who aid and abet them, reeks of hypocrisy. How short our memories are to what the liberal-sponsored community action groups did during the Vietnam war, or their continuous caterwauling against Bush and the Iraq war. They are now vilifying the real grass-roots tactics being used by all political stripes in this rising American tide of opposition to national health care and other socialist and global garbage Obama and his minions are attempting to foist upon us. The difference is, the current movement is real grass-roots outrage, not the manufactured protests by Code Pink, Unions and socialists groups that have been going on since the time of Teddy Roosevelt.
So now, what do the tellers of lies and the twisters of truth, do? They resort to calling the riled up American people a mob who have lost their civility and bring Nazi swastikas (Pelosi) and venomous vitriol to town-hall meetings ..... you know, those same pesky Americans who cling to their guns and their bibles. But these Harvard-trained educated idiots open up a White House website to get neighbor to snitch on neighbor, if one neighbor has the gall to utter an opinion in opposition to the government's position on their unconstitutional, socialist agenda. That folks is pure desperation. That folks is pure fascism, if not bordering on Nazism.
Are these nuts in Washington DC running scared? Of course they are and for good reason. Finally, government is beginning to "fear" the people, as it should be. The natives are restless and all Hell is about to break loose. We say, "..... rise up Americans and give these enemies of freedom a taste of their own medicine, but a taste based on the foundation of liberty, not the whining of socialist losers."

Thursday, August 6, 2009


First came Roni Bell Sylvester's:
OK. So we've allowed our culture to run amok.
OK. So we've allowed our culture to run amok.
Now what?
And how do we stop the God awful elected officials from further exasperating this situation?
After all, they use the good guys (you and I) money to plant and groom along swarms of ignorant feral humans, forcing us with the challenge of either re-domesticating them or die.
Why'd these elected ones do this to us? Their votes depend on this homegrown illiteracy.
Heck! They boast how they personally own orchards of money trees that bear the never-ending harvests of dollars they give to the ferals. Now this might be a harmless if was treated as the fantasy fairy tale it is. But it isn't.
Regardless the fact that pulling out certain segments of society and consciously dumbing them down is the most insidious forms of racism and inequality, it's a practice these elected ones now do...and with in your face blatant-sy!
One of their racist and dumbing down ideas became evident during the "forced busing" era in Denver.
With great sadness two of my black neighbors shared, " I've worked hard all my life to get out of the ghetto. Now they want to bus my children right back in there."
Now we have an America that is not only feral, it is illiterate, racist, and heavy with manners deficit and rudeness obesity.
We've made America very sad and sick.
The good news is there is an affirmative action you can do today. One that will most certainly bring America back happy and healthy!
What is it? Eliminate "income" tax, and transition in an Equitable Consumption (EC) tax as the sole form of taxation.
If you demand your representative stop every policy in the pipeline, end income tax, transition in EC tax, then restart policy making based on the new EC tax, you'd be responsible to bringing Americans the best change of all!
In brief, here's how it'd work: Develop software program that would automatically justify cash, check, debit/credit card receipts (zero retailer handling), then carve off withdraw and send approximately 17% EC tax directly to state.
States would have independent agreements with Federal that would define the percentage they'd send Federal.
Federal would be forced to return to its original Constitutional design of handling only: By-ways, international defense and international trade.
States rights would return, and they'd thereon - and rightfully so - handle everything else unique to their state; including education/medical/welfare/roads.
States would enjoy higher yield on monies collected because of eliminating the D.C. round trip routing fees.
Work and get paid in America? You'd be able to keep your paycheck, budget your money, and never again have to deal with the un-known of not knowing how much federal would keep.
Buy stuff in America? Each time you did so, you'd participate in the re-building of America!
Do payroll taxes? Those countless hours and money doing so, would be freed up to meet your production growth.
Imagine that! A real - workable, common sense economic stimulus plan!
Exempt medical; remember now, under this plan, states would handle medical, therefore federal's pursuit of universal health care would vanish.
You can begin today!
Demand incumbents and candidates for public office promise to let you, "Keep my paycheck!"
Demand they, "End 'income' tax and transition in Equitable Consumption tax!
Tell them, "This may be the worthiest action you'll ever perform for your country!"
If you do this, you will help stop the insidious growth of federal and its feral followers.
More importantly, you will slay the monster of gross rudeness, racism and illiteracy, and return our culture to the sweet realm of knowledge, civility, grace and good manners.
I'm happy to start. Will you join me? 8/5/09
Then came the following:----- Original Message -----
From: O'Irish
To: * Roni Bell Sylvester
Sent: Wednesday, August 05, 2009 4:39 PM
Subject: Re: "OK. So now we've allowed our culture to run amok" by Roni Bell Sylvester 8/4/09

My friend Joyce responded to your piece I forwarded earlier today. She has some points, and I'm not sure how to respond to her, so decided to forward them to you for your comment. Thanks.. Leslie
1) This makes some sense...but what would happen to poor states that have a lot of low in come people? How would the retired and jobless come out with any more than they already have.
2) I think some states all ready do a good job helping people obtain the basic needs to live/ with the help of the federal Gov.
3) If any help from them is taken away by no income tax...then a lot of people will still suffer and do with out food, shelter and medical care.
4) We need to remember most cities are not "community" in the true sense of the word. We put a can in the food bank box...and if we do attend church we help those in need at our church. In a perfect world we would all go to church...there would be those who have a lot and those less fortunate, and benevolence would be handled by our community we live and worship in.
5) Sadly we have fallen far away from true giving, as Jesus taught. And the poor will always be with us Jesus said. Why, because this is where we can practice our kindness and compassion.
6) I do not believe there is a fix to our countries woes. We are all tested every day to help our neighbor...and hate character defects such as greed, sloth, laziness, and the list goes long as we continue to promote sin, under the false umbrella of freedom of choice, and free speech, a country in which children of eight can see sights that will stay with them forever, God will not be our shield and buckler much longer.
7) I believe we no longer own our has been bought with greed money, and is run by a few. I wish it where different, and I will always respect what I thought was America the Beautiful..but while we lay sleeping the wolves came in.
Love cures people-both the ones who give it
and the ones who receive it.
Dear Joyce,

You care enough to respond. Therefore you - and good folks like Leslie - are the one who are going to shoulder the turn around of this country. The rest - will sit by and watch - thinking it's our "responsibility" to "entertain" them. For this I thank YOU!
I've numbered your questions:
1) They'd have more - by the mere fact states would not incur those "travel" fees (looping our money through D.C.). Right now I believe the circulation fee costs us about 60 cents per $ sent.
2) States will be able to do even a better job when federal gets out of the picture.
3) The Equitable Consumption tax will more than fill the gap. I have economists working on this.
4) Great thoughts. Actually - when people get to keep their paycheck - and budget their money, 10% tithing to ones church will be easier than the present 20-49% we now give federal.
5) Sometimes I ponder on whether or not it's time for us to first take care of our caretakers - show them compassion - as part of their health care so that they in turn can continue caring for the poor and hungry. The way it's set up now, our caretakers are being ridiculed, stolen from, overregulated, lied to and more.
6) There is a fix. If indeed income tax was eliminated and replaced with an Equitable Consumption tax, people would put some of their paycheck in savings (rebuild banks), and purchase goods and services with the rest (rebuild production/jobs). It would end the corrupt control income tax provides both parties (thereby at least making a nitch in cleaning out the crooks).
Remember: Income tax serves only the collectors. This process personally enriches them with money, power and control.
This is why the collectors will fight against an Equitable Consumption tax.
The bread crumbs they dole out come to us at a cost we can not afford.
Snoopin in ones income is invasive, and it penalizes, criminalizes, perpetuates class warfare and more.
Only around 50% of people in America pay income tax, leaving the remaining 50% not participating in bringing back good health to America.
An Equitable Consumption tax would give everyone equally - an opportunity to participate in the re-building.
Thank you again Joyce. Your thoughts are appreciated.
Hope this helps.

Monday, August 3, 2009


By Roni Bell

Since "income" tax is the main reason most policies either come into being - and or are structured, why don't we demand it end, and demand a transitioning in an Equitable Consumption tax?
Every individual - regardless gender, politics, etc. I've presented this to has enthusiastically embraced it.
In brief, here's the concept to "End income tax and transition in an Equitable Consumption tax."
Design a software program whereas cash, check, debit/credit card receipts would be automatically ajusted, and say 17% EC tax withdrawn and sent directly to STATE. The retailer would NEVER be placed in the hideous position of being a "tax collector."
Each State would have its own agreement with Federal as to how much they'd send to Federal for Federal's purpose of handling the Constitutional design of Federal, and that is ONLY our By (sky-high-water) Ways - International Defense and International Trade!
States would enjoy a higher yield on collected money, for they would not incur D.C. routing "travel fees."
States would justly enjoy the return of states rights, and handle the needs (like education/medical/welfare/roads) unique to their state.
Each person who sets foot on U.S. soil would be a participant in the re-building of America. Illegal immigrants, tourists, drug dealers, hookers - everyone, would pay taxes each time they purchased something.
Each person who earns their living in America - would be able to keep their paycheck, thereby budget their own money, and therefore deal with the "known" as opposed to the un-known of never knowing what the hell the IRS would withdraw.
This would free-up the countless hours and money employers spend on payroll tax. This money could be put into production growth to meet the newly realized interest in purchasing products.
Medical (prescribed by a physician) products should be exempt. That alone would correctly eliminate federal dabbling in health care...I.e. universal health care.
Presently - well meaning honest citizens are criminalized just because they make a mistake on one of the thousand finite detailed tax code. I knew a gentleman who made his living selling catalog sized "updated tax laws" to CPA's. The way income tax is structured today, no-one can fill out their own form without fear of making a mistake. This is beyond absolutely WRONG!
We can begin by asking each incumbent and candidate for public office, "Will you let me keep my paycheck?"
PS: I'll wager a bet that any candidate/incumbent - regardless their party affiliation - who runs on the platform of an Equitable Consumption tax - will win!