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On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 6:06 PM, Roni Bell wrote:
I emailed Barrasso, Lieberman, Enzi, Bennet, Udall and Markey today - personal notes with the EC outline. (See "How Would You Like To Keep Your Paycheck" - following post.)
It's a weird thing "out there," in that you and one other are the ONLY ones who responded to my tax outline.
I'm beginning to think receivers of my emails are deleting or have already trained to dump in junk.
Must of annoyed far too many.
How come you're not sick of my stuff?
Your tax proposal is sound policy.
Why aren't people responding?
Many Generation Xer's from 18 to 39 yrs. old, remain permanently unemployed, smoking pot, sucking down "meth" and stuffing "coke" up their noses while they fret about global warming and still live at home with Mom and Dad.
Taxes are only something their late-middle aged parents pay. Any proposed increase to their burgers and soda pop is "fight'n words."
Many other people are in the phase of their lives that I call "Empire Builders." They are married, have children and a mortgage. They lead hectic lives because they are engrossed in their growing businesses/jobs, family and the local Friday night football game.
Taxes get withheld from their paychecks and are considered horrible but the 2 year old's high fever is the most pressing issue. Any proposed increase the sky high county and state sales taxes that they pay to feed and clothe their family is "fight'n words."
The ghetto inhabitants, rural poor and illegal immigrants could care less about taxes. They don't pay property or income tax and they sure as heck don't want to see any changes to the existing system. They "got food stamps and Medicaid". Any proposed increase in their beer money sales taxes is' fight’n' words.'
The teachers, firefighters, policemen, air traffic controllers, librarians, postal workers, etc., are not allowed to make any decisions -or for that matter vote without instructions from their unions. To do otherwise would be "fight'n words."
Politicians learn from the first day in office to never ever use the word," TAXES."
That word inflames passions and creates hostility.
All of their proposals, decisions and policies are cloaked in, "to repair those dangerous roads", "for the poor impoverished children", "to combat Global Warming", "universal health care", etc. on and on.
Do not be silenced
More than a few of the politicians, from the local to the federal government, merely feed at the public trough, but most are well intentioned and dedicated. They are eager to do the right thing.
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