Wednesday, November 4, 2009


bY Roni Bell Sylvester

Wouldn't you like to keep your paycheck?
You can.
Here's how.
"Income" tax is the genesis of all ill-designed, unnecessary policies that have destroyed your freedoms, liberty, and Democratic Republic of America.
This is how it works: The federal government takes your paycheck (income) and spends it any way they want.
Once upon a time, you were a part of voting on how you wanted them to spend your money; but not today.
Over time, bureaucrats and “The Power, Money and Control” hungry, slowly took away your rights of participation. Now you are not allowed any say in how your money is spent!
Would you like to keep your paycheck?
Did you know you can?
Did you know you have the right to keep your paycheck?
Here’s how:
a) Write, call, email your federal incumbents - and governor the minute you're finished reading this!
b) State slowly and clearly, “You may not have my paycheck!”
c) Demand they immediately stop action on any policy that exceeds the original scope of the Constitution of the United States of America; like policies including health, climate, education.
d) Demand they abolish income tax completely.
e) Demand they transition in the Federal Equitable Consumption tax.
If they haven’t heard of the Equitable Consumption tax, take the time to explain it kindly and articulately (Brief outline follows.). Do not get angry or ugly. Show grace and stay calm while you firmly take your stand. Remember. You are not doing anything wrong. You are instead, doing everything that’s right.
How to end income tax and transition in The Federal Equitable Consumption tax.
Each entity that sells goods and services, will have the newly developed software program connected to their computerized method of collecting the payment. This software program will automatically adjust cash, check, debit, credit card receipts, and a 50 state universal percentage of less than 10% would be withdrawn and sent directly to federal.
The soft ware program would be the "tax collector."
Federal spending would be confined to handling by-ways (interstate roads, skyways and shorelines), International Defense, and International Trade - as originally defined in the U.S. Constitution.
Through sales tax, most states already have a form of Equitable Consumption tax. The software would simply eliminate the shackle of "tax collector" from retailers. This software program includes an adaptation mechanism whereas the collected percentages would be broken out according to how each state’s County, Community and State’s voters determine.
States would enjoy the return of states rights, and handle its unique needs including education, medical, welfare, roads.
This is extremely desirous, for each State would enjoy a higher yield on monies collected, simply because they would not accrue “travel” fees.; i.e. looping through D.C. State's would enjoy using this higher yield on monies collected to fund education, welfare and medical needs for every age and at every level. It would be like money once found, for such as "higher education."
Each person who sets foot on U.S. soil would contribute towards the re-building of America. Illegal immigrants, tourists, drug dealers, hookers - everyone, would pay taxes each time they purchased something.
Each person who earns their living in America, would be able to keep their paycheck, thereby budget their own money.
The countless hours and money wasted calculating the dollars and interpreting tax codes would be converted into a production growth that will meet the newly realized interest in purchasing products.
Honest citizens who made mistakes on their tax forms, will be de-criminalized.
Class warfare would diminish.
It would remove the invasive, un-bridled, un-fair powers of the I.R.S.
Families could actually "budget" their money.
It's as fair for Joe the plumber to spend maybe $20.00 total and maximum tax on a $100.00 wrench, as John the rich man to spend $200,000 on a $1,000,000 jet, or Harriet the medical marijuana user to spend $200.00 on a thousand dollar prescription.
This is so straight forward, fair, and simple to execute that it absolutely must be implemented!
Charitable citizens would have the means, opportunity, freedom, desire and good cheer to "give their neighbor in need."
All goods and services should be taxed equally. Not one item should be exempt. For examples, all medical, food, clothing, shelter everything, should be taxed. This would avoid the return of "The Money, Power and Control" hungry and their creations of the most worthless products of all, their thousand page babbles of policies that serve and enrich only them.
Presently the nation wide Gross State Product number is falling more and more rapidly. Why? Policies built around income discourages production in the U.S. With an end to such, U.S. production would re-surge powerfully.
Because not all people pay income tax, it stands to reason that mathematically - Federal, State, County and Community would most likely collect more from its Equitable Consumption than income. For example, in Colorado, the GSP exceeds Income; and not all that income is taxed, but all GSP would be.
Individuals who off-shore their money (really in effort to simply “keep their private property"- which is their paycheck ) would no longer have reason to do so. They’d keep their money in America, thereby increasing deposits, thus improving the financial stability of banks which then would be in a sounder position of loaning money to give businesses needed capital to produce goods and services.
The enthusiasm generated from the masses opportunity to keep paychecks, would immediately result in everything great, bold and needed to bring back a healthy America!
Not one good thing has been born out of “income” tax.
The only salvation for America, is to clearly demolish “income” tax, transition in The Federal Equitable Consumption, and return states rights through their own State, County and Community Equitable Consumption tax.
Keeping your paycheck is the change you need more than anything else!
It must be done today; before any more damage is done to you and your America.
Contact your representatives!

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